Summit Church exists to carry out

the two great commands of Jesus Christ:

Love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength and to love our neighbors as ourselves ~
Matthew 22:37-40
Make disciples of all nations, baptizing them, and teaching them to be followers of Christ ~
Matthew 28:19-20
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Tim Lewis
Lyle Williams
Jeff Ashbridge
Claudia Cook
Ron Lucero
Jerry Wailing
Abel Mkina
…that life isn’t about Religion (We don’t like that any more than you do) – It’s all about Relationships (with God and with others).

…in growing in, and enjoying, our personal relationship with God through his Son, Jesus Christ.

…in helping others know how they can enter into a relationship with God.

…in instructing Christian believers so they can grow in their journey with God.

…in giving honor to God with our lives in all that we do.

…in exalting the Bible as the God-inspired instruction manual for life
…in sharing the Christian journey through strong, meaningful relationships with other believers.
…in involving ourselves in our community to help meet the needs of those within it.

…in exalting God as we worship Him together through songs and praises.

…in maintaining a lifestyle that is distinct from the current direction of much of society while at the same time offering a relevant message to a spiritually hungry world. 

…in living an authentic Christian life which demonstrates God’s love in practical ways and helps others fall in love with Jesus.

…that every follower of Christ has a vital role and calling to live out in this world.